Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Are You Wearing The Right Undergarments?

Okay people I know I’m guilty of wearing the granny panties, but I also know when not to wear them. And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE always have the twins on point, if your ta-ta’s are sagging you are looking a straight mess! It is a must that you have on a good bra, not an expensive bra but a good bra…one that fits. Soooo whether you are heading out to the club or to the office follow these simple directions and you can’t go wrong.

Most people can do the thong thing, but if you are anything like me you will invest in boy shorts or complete coverage panties (the ones that are marked invisible panty line). These panties will give you an invisible line while wearing a skirt or pant that is tailored to fit. And if you dare to wear white or winter white please wear a nude or black panty and leave the white, color, or designed panties for another day.

The key to a perfect bra is one that fits, have your breast measured and go from there. You will be measured in three different areas under bust, upper bust and full bust. Now I’m not an expert on how this works because I have it done at the department stores, but once done you will have the best fit and look for life.
When buying a bra consider what you are wearing and where you are wearing it to. Since there are so many different rules to wearing a bra use your best judgment. The best every day comfortable bra would be a demi or one that offers full coverage.
For those who love sheer clothing and the place does not call for attention leave the jeweled and lace in the draw and opt for an opaque bra & panty.

The bra rule is the same as the panty rule when wearing white…wear black or nude, the closer to the skin color the better…but for us chocolate beauties, any nude or black is good.

*Remember the key to fashion is to always be comfortable while cute, not cute and uncomfortable!*

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