Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Fashion Is Not A Luxury!

For those who could not afford to shop in the major department stores or boutiques they were offered cute and fashionable pieces at Steve & Berry; this came in handy especially when you have children who want to dress like their favorite stars. Well now that the store Steve & Berry will be officially closing in January what will happen with the Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker’s clothing line Bitten.

Well according to the actress she would like to resume the cheap but cute line at the discounted prices. Well I have a few ideas as to where this line should be offered, but I would like to hear your opinions….Wal-Mart can use an upgrade in the clothing world, and we all know Target is on point with the celebrities that style for the store, but what about putting it in one of the department stores….or offering it on-line.

The store also offered clothes and accessories designed by other celebrities such as Venus Williams “ELEVEN”, Amanda Bynes “DEAR”, and NBA Star Stephon Marbury “STARBURY”.

You can’t beat buying a complete outfit (accessories included) for under $40.00.

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