Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rocking a Red lip

Are you bold enough to wear a Red Lip? If you don’t think you can you better think again.

Grab the following items and let’s rock!
Lip Brush
Lip moisturizer
Lip liner
And your favorite red lipstick

First choose the right shade of red
Consider your skin tone, if your base skin has yellow tones try warm red shades with brow undertones. If you base skin has pink or red undertones try reds with a pink or blue base.

Apply Apply Apply
Start with a lip moisturizer, apply a very thin layer of foundation and powder on your lips. Lightly line your lips with a liner that is similar to the shade of your lipstick. Using a lip brush apply your lipstick lightly to your lips. Blot your lips with tissue and then apply a second light coat.

If you are not ready for the red lip just yet try a nice light red lipgloss.

*Remember to play up one feature Eye or Lip…NOT BOTH*

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