Monday, January 5, 2009

The Best Of 2008

Happy 2009!

I know I’m 5 days late with the best 2008 recap, but a sista had to celebrate New Years and a Birthday…SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY CAPRICORNS!
I hope that everyone has made their New Year’s Resolution and will see a brand New Year with no drama.

Now on to my best maybe worst of 2008 some may have more than one in the category and this is only because I couldn’t decided on what was the hawtest!

Rihanna & Lil Wayne dominated in 2008 so we must show them some love!

Album of the Year
Ledisi- Lost and Found

Single(s) of the Year
A Mili- Lil Wayne
I know many folks hate on Lil Wayne but come on this joint was hawt.
My Life- The Game feat. Lil Wayne
See even this joint had Lil Wayne on it.

Best Video(s) of the Year
Get Loose- Lil Mama feat Chris Brown, T-Pain, Shawty, and Lil Wayne

Love Lockdown- Kanye West

Offical Girl- Cassie feat. Lil Wayne


Can I add Beyonce's Get Me Bodied? That is still my fav video, lol.

Best Collaboration of the Year
Live Your Life- T.I feat. Rihanna

Best New Artist of the Year
Jazmine Sullivan
Anytime I'm buying ringtones you know you good.

Best New Artist of the Year with No CD
Keri Hilson….This chic is hawt four singles and no CD…Now you know she bad!

I’m surprised I liked it Single of the Year
Paper Planes- M.I.A
You know this is where T.I.’s Swagger like us sample came from…right!

Best Comeback of the Year

Best Surprised Appearance of the Year
All on the BET 08 Awards show

The Best Concert of the Year
Jill Scott
I went to a few concerts and this woman can do no wrong, if you have not seen her live you really need to check her out!

What The Hell Happened to the CD

Worst Album of the Year
Universal Mind Control – Common
I’m going to need Common to make a comeback real quick….we miss you Common Sense

Best TV show of the Year
Keyshia Cole
If it wasn’t for Frankie & Neffie I wouldn’t watch

The Best Wedding
Jay-Z and Beyonce Knowles made it offical on April 4, 2008.
I'm a little upset that we have to respect their privacy because I really want to see thost pix

The Biggest Break Up of the Year
LisaRaye McCoy-Misick & Chef Minister Micheal Misick.
I’m telling you if home girl would have called some of her sista friends they would have really put it to dude…no lie. But she did her thing when she went to the house.

The Top 5 Best Dress
Alicia Keys
Charlize theron
The ladies of Sex and the City
Victoria Beckham

The top 5 Male Best Dress of the Year
Will Smith
Kanye West
Barack Obama
David Beckham
Diggy from Run's House...this kid dress so cute!

Best Female of the Year
I lie to you not Rihanna made a hell of an impression on me in 2008. This lady has me yodeling on T.I.’s “Live Your Life”, making me want to go gothic with "Disturbia", and entering “Rehab” from smoking cigarettes. I even had thoughts of cutting the tresses because she was rocking the fierce haircuts. She has even made my best dress list for you know she was rocking it in 2008.

Best Male Artist of the Year
Lil Wayne
You can’t lie people he did it in 08, crossed over and everything!


He has made history becoming the first African-American President-Elect of the United States of America!
Join us for the big day....JANURARY 20, 2009!

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