Monday, January 5, 2009


This is just the wrong way to start a new year!

First DMX pleads guilty to 4 counts of theft, drug, and animal cruelty and now his Arizona home, which was featured on the BET reality show “Soul of a Man”,is a mess and in foreclosure. The five bedroom home is currently on the market for 429,000, which is 200,000 less than what than what he paid for.

According to reports the home was left in poor condition and had it been cared for properly the home would be worth 650,000. The house is being sold on behalf of the bank and according to his wife Tashera Simmons; part of the home’s poor condition was a result of the couple’s separation and no one took care of the home after.

The home’s poor condition was not only from neglect by the owners but also from the FEDS. In search of the rapper, SWAT invaded the home and left the front door blown open, several windows broken, tile and carpet though out the house burnt.

Also the house has been burglarized; the burglars have removed just about all valuables in the home including the ATV vehicles and threw what they didn’t want into the homes pool.

Who ever buy this home has a lot of work to put in!

Lets keep X in our prays and hopes that he gets his life together.

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