Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Katt Williams Go Hard On Steve Harvey And Then Gets Pimped Slapped By Cowboy

Katt Williams showed up at the much anticipated comedy show of the year and did what he said he would do…Rip Steve Harvey apart! Now in my opinion Katt is way funnier than Steve, but he was a little disrespectful. Check out the clip here:

Then we hear that Katt did an impromptu performance and got slapped. Allegedly Katt Williams started going on a man wearing a cowboy hat and boots. But dude wasn’t having it and walks up on stage and pimped slapped Katt. After the show Katt sat in the corner smoking a cigarette and was asked if he was okay, and Katt Williams replied “Hell nah, I aint alright! Didn’t you just see that n*&ga slap me?”

Well the following day Katt does a radio appearance to talk about the incidence and them ol’ girl calls in, so now I’m wonder what the hell happened….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LOAD SOME FOOTAGE SO I CAN SEE THIS!
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