Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Real Music...New Music

Now in an earlier post I was a little upset that I had bought a ticket to see Eric Roberson, not because he is not a good artist but because Jay-Z threw in a last minute concert for the same night…but it was Sweet T’s B-Day and that is how she wanted to celebrate.

Anyway once we got there I was glad I went; I was introduced to two new artist Deborah Bond and Curt Chambers (one of the bass players for Eric Roberson).

Deborah Bond had a beautiful voice and some pretty good songs, check out her website www.DEBORAHBOND.COM or visit iTunes for the cd

Curt Chambers had the ladies going crazy with his powerful strokes, his cool and confidant appearance, oh and did I mention he is sick with the guitar! I’m trying to figure out where in the world have I been!
check out the cd on iTunes.

Eric Roberson is no joke, but the solo Curt Chambers give at the end is awesome

I’ll get back to you with my reviews on the two new artists after I listen more to the cds. If you have heard of these two artist before please let me know what you think and clue me in on other artist I may have sleep on!

So Sweet T if you think I didn't enjoy myself I really did and walked away with two more artist that I can add to the iPod.

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