Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chris & Rihanna

This is the LAST post of the Chrihanna ish I’m going to post until I get some real news. And when is say real news I mean the court documents! Today we heard that Rihanna had a busted lip, black eye, bite marks, and a few other bruises…But when Fox 5 decided to post the pictures of the Barbadian singer I thought I was going to see some serious injury, but all I seen was a black eye and a few scratches.

Now by no means am I trying to make light of this situation but I really thought she was eff’ed up! But it was just the basic bruises!

According to Rihanna started the fight and Chris was only defending himself…here is what the site said regarding the incident:
“They were in the car leaving the Clive Davis party. While Chris was driving, he got a phone call from a young lady. Our source tells us that Rihanna knew that Chris had been messing around with this particular girl and she has, as of late, been the reason for many of their heated arguments. Rihanna got a glimpse of the phone, saw the name and number and immediately recognized who it was. She went ballistic and began to “beat the sh*t” out of Chris (while driving). She was so uncontrollable, that Chris began to fight back in self defense, which ensued the fight. Rihanna’s rage stemmed from Chris’ questionable fidelity in the last few months.”

I’m going to need for Chris and Rihanna to seek counseling!

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