Monday, February 9, 2009

DAYUM Chris!

The 2009 NBA All-Star weekend is going down but there will be no Chris Brown. Chris Brown had canceled his appearance for the events which he was suppose to introduce the All Star players on 15 February.
Chris may also lose his endorsement deal with Wrigley’s “Doublemint” Gum. While the company has not stated they will drop the singer/dancer all ads have been pulled.

Rihanna reps have reported that the pop-star is doing well; however, she has canceled her 21st birthday party that was scheduled for 20 February. The carnival theme party was for about 200 people with Ciroc Vodka being one of the main sponsors.

Lets hope the couple get it together and fast…WHO KNEW C.B HAD BEATER POTENTIAL SHAMEFUL!

The Saga Continues....

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