Sunday, February 8, 2009

On the 4th day of Valentine, my true love gave to me......

A trip to the local toy store........Yeah, I know you think I'm talking about Kay Be Toys, or Toys R Us, but nooooo, I'm talking about the adult toy store.

Listen, you want to bring a little spice into your relationship? Well, try your local adult toy store. Make it a fun trip. Yes, you can have fun in a store like this. Go to the store and act like you've just met. Create an alias for the both of you. He can be Ken and you can be Barbie. Flirt with your man in the store as you pick up and play with a dildo. Ask him if he knows how to use a condom because you need to know for your first time. Or you can keep your real names and explore the store together to see what's there. Don't be afraid to ask questions about anything that may be of interest to you. Also, don't be afraid to ask for demomstrations or if you can try a little on your hand or something.

If the local toy store is a little too much for you, try your local Spencer's store. They have tons of fun books, games, and gadgets you can buy to spice up the bedroom. If you are a little too reserved to step foot in a store that sell those types of items, you always have the privacy of your home and the use of the Internet. I know, some of you like to keep your freak undercover, so this may be the best way for you to spice it up. You and your man can surf the net for the same items you will see in the store. Not only that, you can read reviews of the products to determine if it's worth a try.

Role play a little. Be someone else for the night. Come out of your normal self, just for the moment. All of this is meant to add something different to your relationship. A little foreplay way before you all even get to the bedroom. Even if you don't buy anything, I'm sure touching, tasting, smelling, looking and playing with the toys you will discover in the store and on the net will bring your thoughts to a place that will make the night that much more special.

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