Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On the 8th Day of Valentine My True Love Gave To Me

Everyone who knows me know that I love a man with SWAGGER! A man with confidence, a man that has presence and when he walks in the room I smile because I know he is walking over to me. A man who smells good and dresses even better! A man that can throw on the jeans and button up but know how to rock a tailored suit like he is about to hit the runways! And lets not forget a man who can pop bottles at night but bring it in the board room the next morning.

With that said ladies buy that man a G-Star Jacket and Jeans for the night life, switch it to the Purple Label or the DKNY Black Suit if you have a white collar worker and if you have that hard working blue collar man hook him up with an Russell Simmons Argyle or True Religion Brand Jeans, buy him something for the everyday work life and also for a special night on the town.

Moving down to the feet, lets get a hawt pair of Kenneth Cole, Gucci, or by all means PRADA. Hell the hard bottoms from Aldo will do the trick because they have some hawt shoes for men!


Ladies get your man a bottle of YSL L’Homme, Armani Code, 9IX, or something that compliments his body chemistry and I swear he will have a hard time keeping your hands off of him.

Along with all of the items listed it is a must for the man to have the right accessories. Gift him a watch and a nice pair of cuff links but don't forget the tie…..DAYUM I LEFT MY SELF SPEECHLESS!

Now the items listed are just few of my favs and to help you with that last minute gift giving.

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