Thursday, March 26, 2009


Okay didn’t I put Lil Kim on my SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE ANYWHERE list? According to HIP HOP WEEKLY a few months ago Lil Kim gets 5grand a month for the rest of her life because of this movie. Although she did not agree with her part in the movie, like she mention in the interview, she still signed her name. The only problem I have with her and this movie is she will not let Naturi be. Dayum the girl was paid to play a role and she played the role if you wanted to have so much say you should have calmed your azz down and got with them the correct way or let them use what they had and came out with your own ish! And you giving the 10% to the kids...should not be taken back YOU GAVE IT TO THE KID!

I’m going to need for you to learn to say contradictive….NOT Con tra dic tive!
She is another one that went to the same school as Beyonce & Ray J….DUMB AZZ JUST GOT 3 CHECKS BY HER NAME!
But can I get a new cd? YOU STILL MY GIRL, LOL?

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