Friday, March 27, 2009

What's New In The World of Blogging?

What do you do when you turn 47? You start a blog. That's right a blog.
Star Jones turned 47 on 24 March and created her very on blog titled "Positively Star."
Sooooooooo what does she post about? The basic stuff since it was her b-day, she talks about an inoperable tumor in her chest when she was 19 and was told she would only live 9 months. And how God is good.

I'm just waiting for her to pull a Kanye and blast others, but I do love the positive vibe, check it out and tell me DO WE LOVE IT?


The cutie Mario has been hard at work on his 4th cd, check out the new song 'Afraid 2 Cry (Hardest Moment)'. No release date has been given!

OMG I'm about to get some grown folks music! LOVES IT, but DO YOU LOVE IT!

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