Thursday, March 26, 2009


Kobe & Vanessa Bryant are being sued by their housekeeper Maria Jiminez. Jiminez claims that Vanessa Bryant has verbally and emotionally abused her by cursing her, calling her a F*cking liar, demanded that she pull a price tag from the garbage of dog poo so she could deduct the price of a $690 shirt, which she placed in the washer, from her pay and other inhuman work.

Kobe & Vanessa released a statement:
We have learned that a former employee of the Bryant’s, Maria Jimenez, has filed a complaint against our clients. Ms. Jimenez’s outrageous allegations of improper conduct are totally unfounded and patently false. The Bryant’s intend to vigorously defend against these untruthful allegations and are confident that the baseless nature of the allegations will be proven.

Ummmm Vanessa might I need to remind you that you married money and if it wasn’t for those kids your azz would be broke if he ever left you…And $690 for a shirt your azz look like you shop at Susan Fashion…DUMB AZZ


Isaiah Washington & family are being evicted from their home. The actor was leasing to own his home and has missed the 20K a month mortgage on the multi-million dollar home since November. The actor has three children to look after, I hope he will be able to save his home for them.

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