Monday, April 13, 2009


I’m known for my e-mail recaps of awards show and I just may send the lucky ones a recap.
Last night TVOne aired the Trumpet Award which was held January 25 but you know how some people do and hold all the good stuff.
Anyway, EnVogue performed. Now after last year at the BET Awards where Alicia Keys turned it out by bring out classic girl groups that included EnVougue I knew good things would begin to happen. They have been seen together at events, covered Jet magazine, did charity work by perfoming on Don’t Forget the Lyrics, and is rumored to be working on a new album and tour. LOVES THE COMEBACK….I CAN”T WAIT TO BY MY TICKET FOR THE CONCERT.
If you missed the Trumpet Awards no worries they will re-air and re-air and re-air again…check your local listing for time, date and channel TVONE

And then it happened one of my Fav's got up to accept an award and here is what happened lol....CHRIS TUCKER IS FUNNY!

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