Tuesday, April 14, 2009


These are the fights I love! A hot 16 bars being spit at the next rapper, no guns, knives, just good old fashion words.

Officer Ross, LOL, has put together a hit squad to take 50 down! Who will be on this dis record you may ask? Three of 50 old rivals Fat Joe, The Game, and even Ja Rule and Ricky Ross. The new remix track is titled “Mafia Music” and will be on Rick Ross upcoming cd “Deeper than Rap.”

The contenders:
50 Cent- kills the underground world, puts out porn of folks baby mommas, and hilarious videos
The Game- scared to mention that he actually has beef with 50 but in reality he does because he will owe 50 money for a very long time.

Fat Joe- always come out swing even when he gets torn a apart. Not only does he check 50 but he’s going hard and getting at the whole G-Unit Camp.

Ja Rule-where in the hook world has he been? Ja must be trying to make a comeback and show his “thug” side because dude straight broke it down and tells 50 “Curly [50 Cent] get off my d**k/before that chopper (AK-47) gets to poppin off/at ni**as who be mouthing off/read in between the lines when you hear me talk go ahead get out of line/this Rule York.”
Then we have the big fella from the MIA-YO, Rick Ross, who just kills it with the lines “I’ll put a milli on it/this p**sy don’t want it/show up in his hood with the wolves by the morning “Once you cross that line, it aint about North and South,” Rick Ross says at the end about his alliance. “It’s about money and power. Riders and punks. My money is long as 183rd street aka Miami Gardens.”

My money is on……Check out Rick Ross on the cover of XXL.

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