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I don’t know how I forgot about Solange and Kelly
You know everybody “Tweets” and I have a love hate relationship for it…anyway Solange tweeted about being dropped from her record labe, Geffen, last week by saying :
“stooopiddd iddddiots” rumor control for the day:) I was NOT released from Geffen/Interscope… now back to your regular scheduled program:)
check out the statement below:
After intense promotion of her Geffen debut “Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams,” Solange Knowles has reportedly lost her deal with Geffen for a second album! Seen at seemingly every event under-the-sun since August, including both Fashion Rocks and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, Solange Knowles has been busy doing all she can to promote what ended up being her biggest album in terms of attention from mainstream media.
Unfortunately for the Lil Wayne dubbed “Solo,” Geffen Records says it is no longer interested in working with her business-wise due to abysmal sales of her debut which has sold nearly 139,000 copies since its release last August ! While news of Solange’s fate at Geffen is concerning, the way in which her management allegedly tried prevent the split from becoming major news is astonishing.
According to BV Buzz, Destiny’s Child songbird Kelly Rowland was seemingly thrown up as the sacrificial lamb last week when news broke that she had parted ways with Columbia as a solo artist in order to skirt by Solange’s exit from Geffen.
Contrary to early reports, Kelly Rowland and Columbia executive Robert Stringer amicably split due to Rowland’s decision to move forward with her solo career apart from longtime manager Matthew Knowles (Beyonce and Solange’s father/manager). “The decision for Kelly to seek other opportunities for her solo career was agreed upon mutually, and any reports to the contrary are false,” Stringer pointed out in a release last week.
According to a record label source, “Geffen did a one-off deal with Music World Entertainment for Solange and wasn’t interested in doing a new contract with her…. In the end, the CD didn’t sell despite Solange’s countless high profile appearances”.
Matthew Knowles is boarder line Joe Jackson….and YOU ARE THE FATHER!

R.I.P. Randy Cain

Randy Cain the founding member of the Delfonics died at age 63 at his home in Maple Shade, N.J.
Can I Get a Dollar?Parade issued their "I MAKE THIS AMOUNT" list this past Sunday and here is what some of our fav celebs make.

Jennifer Anisonton $27 million, Will Ferrell $31 million, Patrick Dempsey $3.5 million but Tyler Perry killed it with $125 million dollars off of his “Madea” movies.

You know B & J made a killing Beyonce raked in $80 million while Jay-Z made $82 million. Britney Spears didn’t do bad for a comeback at 2.25 million and American Idol Alumni Taylor Swift made $5.5

A-Rod made $34 million, Tiger woods bust it open with $110 million, and Danica Patrick raced away with $7 mill.
BUT EVERY YEAR WHO MAKES THE MOST? BARBIE! The American favorite doll topped $3.3 billion…oh how I wish I could live Barbie’s Dream Life.

In other money news Sinbad and Dionne Warwick make the I’m pulling a Wesley Snipes list.
Sinbad owes 2.5 million while Dionne Warwich owes 2.2 million. Better call for a payment plan people

She Get's What?
A few weeks ago I posted about Project Runway's Kenley Collins being arrested for second-degree felony assault, well yesterday the charged was dropped down to a low misdemeanor. After pleding guilty she was sentenced to pay $120 fine and a two year protection order barring her from any contact with the ex-boyfriend.
Did I leave out anything?

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