Monday, April 6, 2009

Rock Hall of Fame: RUN DMC

Saturday night was a great night for Run DMC as they were inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio.
Rocking the signature black leather jacket, Eminem, popped on the scene to induct the legendary rappers with the following speech:
"Two turn tables and mic, that's all it took to change the world," Eminem said. "When I was a kid growing up in Detroit. I didn't know what to be, then came Run-DMC. "I had never heard or seen anything like them, but I knew I wanted to be them. I had skipped school to go buy Tougher Than Leather the day it came out. [As] soon as I heard 'Run's House,' it was a wrap for me. Marshall Mathers became Eminem."

Rev. Run and DMC both gave speeches along with Jam Master Jay’s mother, Connie Mizell, speaking for her late son.

Among other honorees were Little Anthony, Metallica, Jeff Beck, and Bobby Womack.
Fans that attended the event were celebrities such as Russell Simmons, Lyor Cohen, Bill Adler, The Rolling Stones, Justine Simmons and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Just to remember who the KINGS are.

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