Tuesday, April 21, 2009


As a new member of Twitter I'm slowly becoming addicted to it and like many other it's a great way to keep your friends posted on WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

Just recently Ashton Kutcher beat out CNN by becoming the first "Twitter" to reach over a million followers.
As the race began with CNN, Ashton twitted "Tell me this isn't better than watching tv." “Why R they pushing so hard if this doesn’t mean anything? It’s a changing of the guard. the old way the new way,” he wrote, as his followers reported back that CNN was using their live broadcast to seek out new followers. Then our boy went to Ustream.TV which gained him more followers
It was at that point that Kutcher jumped on Ustream.TV, speaking live with his fans who rallied around him.

In other Twitter news, Oprah Winfrey sent her first "tweet" during a taping of her talk show, which said "ASHTON IS NEXT" on 17 April. As she did that she noted that Ashton Kutcher had 1 million follower and beat out CNN, she also spoke to the actor/prankster over Skype.

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