Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why Y’all Wanna Mess With Oprah

Oprah Winfrey recognizes that she has made mistakes at her South African school, but states that she is still proud of its success.
With the abuse and sexual assault charges against a former employee still at trial it’s hard to let minor mistakes go. Just recently four students were expelled and three others suspended claiming they were trying to force students into relationships and sexual activity. The Queen of Talk has not given details of the situation but she does state “I have made several mistakes and one of them was being overprotective of the girls, which has led to an impression that the school is isolating them from society.” She also said she underestimated the extent of homesickness among girls at the boarding school.

One of the expelled girls family spoke out about the expulsion and O had this to say, “Those girls in their own testimony during the (disciplinary) hearing said they knew they were breaking the rules and that they deliberately broke the rules.” It is very “insulting” that the family of one of the girls complained to the press even though she had been warned before her behavior.

Ms. Winfrey keeps an open heart and mind by saying
"The majority of girls are thriving, really fulfilling the dream and vision I had," Winfrey told the newspaper. "They really have exceeded any expectations I had for them."
"In spite of everything that's happened, what keeps me inspired and hopeful is the heart of every girl, because they are wonderful, they are magnificent."

People need to be held accountable for their actions and if your child is doing wrong they don’t need to waste space at a school where others are trying to accomplish something extraordinary! Oprah did right by making them KICK ROCKS!

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