Sunday, May 3, 2009


I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and finally I got what I’ve been waiting for; A NEW MAXWELL SONG AND VIDEO. The song is not so new especially if you followed him on myspace. Anyway for those who don’t know about the new Maxwell joint you have been hiding under a rock.

Pretty Wings is the hawt new single from Maxwell new album Black Summer’s Night which is the most anticipated trilogy ever. The three separate discs will be released over the course of three years starting THIS YEAR July 7th!

Here is the official video for Pretty wings

And you know this is everyone’s favorite so I had to throw it in there

For my true followers I will be back in action after finals….i have a lot of recapping to do but I will start fresh and just give you the latest on what’s happening.

Keep following and I promise I will stay on top of things.

Love Ya!

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