Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Who said there is no talent in the DMV? Y'anna Crawley is the winner of BET's Sunday's Best!

Ms. Y'Anna Crawley, affectionately known as Yannie or Ya Ya Boogie in the DMV area, is the winner of season 2 of BET's Sunday's Best. The DMV showed up and showed out in voting for this vocalist. We didn't vote solely because she's from this area, we voted because honey can sang! She put it down on songs like, "I don't feel no ways tired", "Grandma's Hands", and turned it out on Mary Mary's "Heaven".

The DMV know her from the go go band Lissen, but now the world knows her as the powerhouse that we all knew she was. Ms. Crawley has won a recording contract, and a 2009 Lincoln MKS. Her new single The Promise is soon to be in stores, but it has been played on WPGC. If you haven't heard it, check it out right here. It's a song that will make you believe that there was a promise made to all of us, and the way Yannie sings it, will bring you to tears.

Ms. Yannie is currently working on her album, and I for one can't wait to support someone from home who's "made it". Ms. Yannie is beautiful, confident, and classy. She represents us well.

CONGRATULATIONS MS. YANNIE!! Our newest hometown shero

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