Monday, June 29, 2009


Every year I sit myself down to be disappointed year after year with certain awards and this year was no difference when it came to the BET Awards that was held last night. Before anyone jumps on me, I know they changed the format but geesh this was some horrible stuff!

Now for my recap, lol

There were not many presented but the winners are....
Centric Award Jasmine Sullivan
Video of the Year: Beyonce, 'Single Ladies'
Best Male R'n'B Artist: Ne-Yo
Best Female R'n'B Artist: Beyonce
Best Male Hip-Hop Artist: Lil Wayne
Best Female Hip-Hop Artist: M.I.A. not presented
Best Gospel Artist: Mary Mary not presented
Best New Artist: Keri Hilson
Best Group: Day 26
Best Collaboration: Jamie Foxx/T-Pain, 'Blame It'
Best Video Director: Benny Boom (not presented)
Viewers' Choice Award: T.I. (featuring Rihanna) 'Live Your Life'
Best Actor: Will Smith (not presented)
Best Actress: Taraji Henson
Female Athlete of the Year: Serena Williams (not presented)
Male Athlete of the Year: LeBron James Tyra outfit was cute I think I
have that shirt in purple and the lace front boooooyyyyyyy was it a
mess. And I know LB is glad Shaq is coming to the team can we say


Keri Hilson- she just proved why B didn't want to perform with her, I'm trying to figure out if it was a tribute to MJ, Elvis, or Gay Pride Month. And before you reply that is my girl and her cd is hawt but the ending of her performance was a mess.

Beyonce I'm so sick of the leotard look and what the hell she have on with it? I will be glad when she gets out the leotard phase because the winter snow princess look is not working! I mean WTF the cotton ball bottom, the lacefront from the concert here in DC all sweated out, the tiara and veil....oh she made the list. I must say she did sound good when singing....oh let me not forget that she needs to do a better job on her being surprise look, because that ish she did before Jigga came out was ummmmmmm WEAK!

New Edition, y'all know I love them guys but dang on it they sounded a hot mess! Oh and that Bobby Brown put out is nasty tongue and it did not send chills up my spine but make my skin crawl!

Lil Wayne, Drake, and the rest of Cash Money could have avoided this list but oooohhh no he just had to let his daughter and her little friends come on stage doing the performance of none other than ALL THE GIRLS.

Mary Mary stepping out in club gear while singing gospel....ummmm really? Y'all know I know some church goers that can party with the best of them but they also know the time and place, they should have just sung a "worldly" song and called it a night. But I must say that the outfits and shoes were fiyah!

T-Pain and that "Big Ass Chain" as my friend said looking like Flava Flav's brother

All the background dancers of the night except Maxwell and Ne-Yo's are very close to soft porn and I need for you all to cover the kiddies eyes. I thought the people were going to start making it rain on the BET Red Carpet. GEESH!

Jermiah almost made the sit down somewhere anywhere list but the keyboard saved him!

Don Cornelius, I respect my elders but what the hell was he talking about? For real please tell me if u know I had to mute his azz.

The everyday ordinary people who don't get out much.....Jamie had proved why everyday people cannot be seen in public with celebs! H.A.M!!!!!!!!

Tiny, I see, went to the same school of interviewing as Ray-J and Beyonce. I need for you to blink when reading the teleprompter, speak directly into the mike and annunciate your words! YEEEEAAAAAHHHHH BABY!

And I must say that Joe Jackson is a complete Azz and I see that he is the Principal of the interviewing school that graduated Tiny, Ray-J & Beyonce.

I think I forgot somebody, but I can't remember right now.

Best of the night

Ne-Yo hands down! He was consistent throughout the entire evening, it should have been called the Jamie & Ne-Yo show since they were on what seemed like every second...but they both did their thang!

Kee-Kee Palmer is growing up to be such a young women and what a beautiful voice....she should have taken Keri's place at the end of her performance. Love the cuteness!

Amber Rose held it down next to Kanye.

Love T-Pain that dude is funny as hell but you know he made the list with that "Big Ass Chain" and Jamie did it when performing "Blame It"

Taraji P. Henson dress and shoes were FIYAH!

Keyshia Cole and Monica were on point and who the hell cut Monica's hair? I swear I might have to fly to the A and the boots.....Only Mary J and Monica, They are the only people who can get away with wearing boots in the summer and I'm talking about knee boots with no ventilation.

BBD had me about to get up and out of my bed to dance around in my room.

Lil Tevin Campbell omg did Lil Tevin Campbell come out on stage in do it or what!!!!!!! Johnny Gill, Tyrese, and Trey Songz did a nice and respectful tribute, and Tyrese killed it. The O'Jays are a real group sound good moved together take notes people.

11:14 Maxwell finally came out on stage looking oh so scrumptious performing "Pretty Wings" dayum I wanted to ummm ahemmmm never mind cd preordered!!!!!!

J.J. step on stage and I wanted to cry!

The skit that Jamie and Martin put together for Skank Robbers had me in tears and if this was a real movie I would be first in line opening night.

And last but not least Jay-Z aka Jigga, aka Hov aka SHAWN CARTER!!!!!!!!!!! ENOUGH SAID! YOU KNOW MY DIAMOND WAS IN THE AIR ROC4LIFE.....MO, HE A BAD MAN.....LOVES HIM. DID YOU PREORDER THE CD? You know he gave me a copy already, lol.

I know I forgot a whole lot but hey this is what I could remember. Oh and by the way the Tiny & Toya show does not appear to be as ghet as the preview made it look. I will be tuning in. Yeeeeaaaahhh Baby!

Oh yeah, Jamie & Martin I really need y'all to make that Skank Robbers! I would be the first in line.

Live at the BET Awards...3 of the best performance!

Pretty Wings

Ne-Yo Performs Lady in My Life

Offical Video D.O.A.


Get me foul to style on this
I just don’t need nobody to smile on this
You niggas singin too much,
Get back to rap you T-Pain’n too much
Ah, I’m a multi-millionaire
So how is it I’m still the hardest n—a here?
I don’t be in the project hallway
Talkin’ bout how I be in the project all day
That sounds stupid to me,
If you a gangsta, this is how you prove it to me
Yeah, just get violent
This is death of autotune, moment of silence
la da da da… hey hey hey goodbye
Only rapper to rewrite history without a pen
No I.D. on the track let the story begin…
begin… begin


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