Thursday, August 20, 2009

Jay-Z & Beyonce's Body Guard Found Guilty

In other Jay-Z news his former body guard who is now wifey’s body guard, Julius Hollander, appeared in Croatian court today. He was charged and found guilty for the disruption of public order and peace for an incident that happened earlier this week.

Mr. Hollander was ordered to pay 1233 kuna which totals about $238 US bucks. I guess the defendant is laughing at the low cost.

Check out the incident here:

I know we all want an up close and personal with the celebs but at some point we must all realize they are human and need their space too and the paparrazi deserved to have their camera’s trashed.

Kanye & Julius I feel ya!

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  1. Yeah, his ish should have gone in the ocean! Geesh!! Give them a break! I mean really, is a shot of a celeb really worth that much money that you will do all this just to get it? use you 1 million zoom on your camera to get the shot. Damn, give them some space! This is getting ridiculous.