Sunday, August 9, 2009

Joe Budden Just Made A Bitch Move!

Okay so Raekwon and Joe Budden throw blows at the Rock the Bells Show but only Joe Budden is the one making webisodes while sitting Indian style on the floor. Yeah I know he has the Joe Budden TV, but still in this episode of “I’m a B*&ch,” rapper Joe Budden talks about the altercations and how he got punched in eye, oh excuse me, the side of his eye. He claims that he was out number 8 to 1 and Raekwon asked for an apology so he figured that was the smart thing to do and he does not believe that Raekwon did it himself.

After being told that by his “roommate” Freak that Raekwon said “Yo, on my children, no one was supposed to get touched, dude got jumpy, touched him, shouldn’ta happened, that was not my intention,” and the it goes mute after Joe states “Why y’all telling me this? I hope your’re not insinuating what I think you’re insinuating….”
So know that I sat here and watched 3mintues and 59 seconds of a grown man holding an ice pack to his eye….oh excuse me the side of his eye I have officially come up with the title to name this segment DUMB AZZ RAPPERS!

So why did all this you may ask? Because Budden made a comment about METHOD Man’s rap skills and saying “the next person to come outta pocket from theWu, I’m going to war.” WOW, how old are you all!?

AND I WILL ADD TO THE LIST THE GAME! Yoooooooo you are the same dude who cries on radio and video when 50 come at ya’, J was about to go at you you backed down now you in Spain screaming “F*&K Jay-Z” oooooh you know how I go on my blog, so not only are you are a gimmick but when Jay go at cha’ you will be crying again…smh at the dumbness of some rappers

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