Sunday, December 20, 2009

We All Need Stocking Stuffers

Oh WOW, I cannot believe that it has been 3months since I have posted on my blog! I have truly missed blogging about everything and nothing at all, with that being said I am going to try to begin posting at least once a week if not every day. Look forward to the 2009 recap moments!!!!!


Here in the D.M.V. we received 20inches of snow, so I have yet to go Christmas shopping but that doesn’t mean you can’t run out for those last stocking stuffers.

Alicia Keys: Element of Freedom

I’m not a huge fan of this cd, but it’s solid and worth the money you will spend on it.

This is Alicia Key’s forth album and has only a few tracks that I would listen to over and over which are “Love is Blind,” “Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart,” and “Put It In a Love Song” which features Beyonce. So why do I suggest this cd, well because it is a bit different from what we are use to from A.K. it is showing a more mature side of the singer will eventually grow on you.

The one disappointment I found of the cd was the “Empire State of Mind(Part II):Broken Down”, there was no need to break down the song or mess up what is the hottest anthem of year!!!!!

Mary J. Blige: Stronger With Each Tear

Mary J. Blige is my sista…I love her so much that she can do no wrong in the music world. She has given us 9 wonderful albums and with her 10th studio album “Stronger With Each Tear” I can only imagine how awesome this cd will be! Pick it up…in stores 22 December 2009.

Robin Thicke: Sex Therapy

Robin Thicke “Sex Therapy” has me torn! It’s better than the last but not as great as the others. It’s a solid cd and great to have playing on these cold snowy nights.

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