Thursday, January 20, 2011


I found this soooooooo FUNNY! You have got to be the biggest dummy and in need of a class on how to rob a man’s house and be a drug addict if you are snorting ashes in the world. According to a report on FOX5 this morning and Perez Hilton five teens robbed a women’s house in December. While the police and the woman thought it were a bit strange someone would steal her DEAD father and two dogs ashes she went on with the report anyway. Well sometime last week they found the five teens, which now sits behind bars, thought the iron contained coke and snorted some.

Can we stay azz taken if they get put in gen pop…bahahahahahahahaha!


Cellblock C must have scared Lindsey Lohan STRAIGHT! Chica has been very very quiet since her release from rehab but to day she snapped a pic and tweeted “ JJ Japan! xo Lindsey” Well whatever here issue were I hope she is able to now keep them under lock and key and go her thing. I would hate to see such a talent go to waste

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